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O’Shaquie Foster At 147 Pounds: “I’ll Spank Him”

O’Shaquie Foster  O’Shaquie Foster  At 147 Pounds: “I’ll Spank Him”



O’Shaquie Foster, the current world champion in the super featherweight division, is savoring his reign at the top. However, his grasp on the 130-pound title almost slipped away in a fierce battle against Eduardo Hernandez at the end of 2023. Faced with adversity and trailing on the scorecards, Foster unleashed everything in his arsenal, securing a dramatic late-stoppage win and retaining his WBC belt.


This Friday night, Foster is gearing up for another challenge as he faces Abraham Nova. Acknowledging Nova's prowess as a dangerous super featherweight, Foster has dedicated his training camp to ensuring a dominant performance. While a victory over Nova would logically lead Foster to consider fellow champions in his division, he has his sights set on a more ambitious goal—moving up in weight.


For Foster, a move up by just one weight class isn't sufficient; he's eyeing a leap of three weight classes. The welterweight division beckons, a decision that intrigues and excites him. Aware of the elite competition in the welterweight ranks, Foster is particularly fixated on one fighter—Conor Benn.


Conor Benn, with his rising star status, youthful exuberance, skill set, and engaging personality, has caught Foster's attention. Despite the formidable challenges posed by welterweight contenders, Benn stands out as a potential opponent who ignites Foster's competitive spirit. Foster recently expressed his desire for a showdown with Benn, stating, "If he wins a belt at 47, I’ll go up there and spank him," in an interview with BoxingScene.com.


Benn, who recently made his mark with a second consecutive appearance in the United States, showcased his talents in a convincing victory over Peter Dobson at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Despite the win, Foster, who was present among the spectators, remains unimpressed. In his assessment of Benn's performance, Foster bluntly stated, "Not at all. Not even a little bit. He food."


Foster's bold declaration of his intentions adds a layer of anticipation to the already exciting welterweight division. The prospect of a potential clash between Foster and Benn, with its mix of skills, determination, and verbal sparring, could become a focal point in the coming months. As Foster continues to navigate challenges in his current division, his eyes remain fixed on a future move that could reshape his career and present new and intriguing possibilities in the welterweight landscape.

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