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Browns Eye Brian Johnson as Offensive Coordinator in Effort to Elevate Deshaun Watson's Performance

"Browns Eye Brian Johnson as Offensive Coordinator in Effort to Elevate Deshaun Watson's Performance"





The Cleveland Browns are actively exploring options to bolster their coaching staff, with former Philadelphia offensive coordinator Brian Johnson emerging as a key candidate. A source close to the team, speaking on the condition of anonymity, disclosed to The Associated Press on Thursday that the Browns are set to interview Johnson. The primary goal is to optimize the performance of their star quarterback, Deshaun Watson.


Johnson recently found himself on the market after Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni decided to part ways with him on Tuesday. The Browns, under the leadership of head coach Kevin Stefanski, are eager to revamp their offensive strategy, and Johnson seems to be a frontrunner for the role of offensive coordinator.


Stefanski's decision to terminate offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt last week marked the beginning of an extensive offensive shakeup for the Browns. With Johnson's potential addition, the team aims to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, particularly concerning the utilization of Watson's considerable talents.


The meeting between the Browns and Johnson is a pivotal step in the team's offseason plans. The Browns have refrained from making official announcements until Stefanski finalizes his coaching staff, adhering to a well-established protocol.


Brian Johnson, having been let go by Sirianni alongside Eagles defensive coordinator Sean Desai after a wild-card round loss to Tampa Bay, has become a sought-after candidate in the league. Beyond the Browns, Johnson has been interviewed by the Atlanta Falcons and the Tennessee Titans for their respective head coaching vacancies.


In the 2021 season, Johnson served as the quarterbacks coach for the Philadelphia Eagles before earning a promotion to offensive coordinator following Shane Steichen's departure to coach in Indianapolis. Under Johnson's guidance, Jalen Hurts excelled, earning finalist nominations for AP NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year in 2022. The Eagles' journey to the Super Bowl underscored the success of Johnson's offensive strategies. However, the 2022 season saw a regression in Hurts' performance, raising questions about Johnson's play-calling approach.


Stefanski, known for his hands-on approach and play-calling prowess, has handled offensive responsibilities during his four seasons with the Browns. The decision to part ways with Van Pelt sparked discussions about Stefanski potentially relinquishing play-calling duties, a prospect contingent on the appointment of a new offensive coordinator.


Deshaun Watson's arrival in Cleveland has heightened expectations for the team's offensive capabilities. Watson, a dual-threat quarterback with the ability to make plays with both his arm and legs, offers a dynamic skill set that the Browns aim to exploit to the fullest. To glean insights into optimizing Watson's performance, the Browns have closely studied the offensive strategies employed by Johnson during his tenure with the Eagles.


Despite Watson's limited starts in the 2023 season due to a shoulder injury, the Browns are optimistic about his full recovery and readiness for the upcoming season. The quarterback's ability to extend plays and create opportunities makes him a unique asset, and the Browns are keen on tailoring their offensive approach to maximize his impact.


In addition to Brian Johnson, Stefanski has engaged in discussions with other notable candidates for the offensive coordinator position. Seattle offensive line coach Andy Dickerson, former Buffalo offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, and Texans quarterbacks coach Jerrod Johnson are among those who have been interviewed. The decision on the offensive coordinator role holds significant weight in shaping the Browns' offensive identity for the upcoming season.


Beyond the offensive coordinator search, the Browns have been active in restructuring other coaching positions. Duce Staley, previously released by the Carolina Panthers last season, is set to join the Browns as their new running backs coach. Staley's wealth of experience and knowledge will contribute to the development of the team's running back corps.


Further bolstering the coaching staff, former Alabama offensive coordinator Tommy Rees has been appointed to coach tight ends. This move signifies the Browns' commitment to bringing in diverse expertise to enhance various facets of their team.


These coaching changes come on the heels of the Browns' playoff exit, signaling a proactive approach to address shortcomings and position the team for success in the upcoming season. The dynamic shifts in coaching personnel underscore the team's dedication to continuous improvement and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


As the Browns navigate through the intricate process of assembling a coaching staff that complements their aspirations, the addition of Brian Johnson could prove instrumental in shaping the team's offensive narrative. The prospect of leveraging Watson's talents, coupled with innovative offensive strategies, adds an element of anticipation for Browns fans eager to see their team ascend to new heights in the NFL landscape.


In the ever-evolving landscape of professional football, the success of a team is often intricately linked to the strategic brilliance of its coaching staff. As the Browns inch closer to finalizing their coaching lineup, the NFL community watches with keen interest, eager to witness how these strategic moves will impact the team's fortunes on the field. The Browns, armed with a talented roster and ambitious coaching additions, are poised for an exciting journey in the forthcoming NFL season.

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